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Economic Census Section
Economic Census gives the basic entrepreneurial data for planning and development in the State specially for unorganized sectors of the economy. It is 100% centrally sponsored scheme of the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, Government of India. Five Economic Census have been conducted earlier throughout the country during the year 1977,1980,1990, 1998 and 2005. Information collected under Economic Census provides updated frame for conducting detailed follow up surveys.
Coverage of Economic Census     
1. Economic Census is the complete count of all entrepreneurial units located within the geographical boundaries of the Country.
2. Information on number of establishments and employment  in all type of establishments, unpaid/paid workers, female workers, child workers, ownership of establishments, use of power, registration of establishments, source of finance etc. is collected. 
3. Complete address of enterprises having 10 or more workers is recorded.
1. Total Number of Establishments
Rural: 457950 (54.92%)
Urban: 375948 (45.08%)
Combined: 833898 (100.0%)
2. Of which Number of Establishments
(a) Without Premises
Rural: 63413 (13.85%)
Urban: 40951 (10.89% )
Combined: 104364 (12.52% )
(b) Having 10 or more Workers
Rural: 8039 (1.75%)
Urban: 9394 (2.50% )
Combined: 17433 (2.09% )
3. Total Number of Person Employed in Establishments
Rural: 1111460 (49.51%)
Urban: 1133357 (50.49% )
Combined: 2244817 (100.00% )
4. Annual Growth Rate in Establishments over Economic Census 1998
Rural: (9.84%)
Urban: (3.50%)
Combined: (6.61%)
5. Annual Growth Rate in Total Employment over Economic Census 1998
Rural: 9.33%
Urban: 2.34%
Combined: 5.35%

a) NIC coding regarding NIC-2008 Booklet    Corrigendum NIC-2008 Booklet 
b) 6th Economic Census Instruction Manual
c) Instructions/Guidelines for the 6th Economic Census  EC1   EC2  
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