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Statistical wing
Statistical wing operates at two level:
  Statistical Wing at Headquarters Level
Statistical Wing at District Level
Functions of Statistical Wing at Headquarters Level:
1. To collect/compile, analyze and disseminate Statistical Data on all Socio Economic aspects of development of the State for use of Administrator and Planners etc.
2. To prepare/publish State Statistical Abstract of Haryana on annual basis.
3. To prepare/publish Economic Survey of Haryana on annual basis indicating the state of development of various sectors of the economy.
4. To conduct Census of Haryana Government employees on annual basis.
5. To compile monthly statement of Agricultural Labour Wages and Rural Retail Prices.
6. To compile Retail and Wholesale Prices and Working Class Consumer Price Index Numbers.
7. To prepare Index Numbers of Industrial Production based on data collected through “Annual Survey of Industries”.
8. To estimate State Income/Per Capita Income.
9. To bring out publications on Economic & Functional Classification of Haryana Government Budget, Economic Classification of Budgets of Municipal Committees, Analysis of State Finances on annual basis.
10. To prepare Index Numbers of Agricultural Production and release of reports namely Economics of Farming and Family Budget of Cultivators in Haryana on annual basis.
11. To prepare Annual Administrative Report.
12. To impart training to Statistical Personnel of other departments.
13. To maintain liaison with the Central Statistical Organization and other State Directorates of Economic and Statistics etc
14. To conduct Economic census and prepare & publish the report.
15. To conduct National Sample survey of State Samples.
Functions of Statistical Wing at District Level:
           At  the field level, there exists a District Statistical Office headed by District Statistical Officer in all the 20 districts of the State. The number of supporting staff in each district varies according to the size of the district and special/ adhoc surveys taken up in the districts.
The Various Publications/Reports issued by Statistical Wing:
1. Economic Survey of Haryana
2. State Statistical Abstract of Haryana
3. Booklet on Haryana Economy
4. Annual Administrative Report
5. GSDP/NSDP/Per Capita Income of Haryana
6. Index of Industrial Production of Haryana
7. Classification of Haryana Govt. Budget.
8. Analysis of State Finances.
9. An Economic and Functional Classification of the Budgets of Municipal Committees/Councils/Corporation in Haryana.
10. Estimates of Gross Fixed Capital Formation in Haryana.
11. Economics of Farming in Haryana.
12. Family Budgets of cultivators in Haryana.
13. District Statistical Abstracts(District Wise)
14. Municipal Statistical Year Book(District Wise)
15. District Socio-Economic Review(District Wise)
Adhoc Surveys and Census
1. Population Census (in lesion with Ministry of Home Affairs GOI).
2. Economic Census 1998, 2005
3. Household consumer Expenditure and Employment-Unemployment situation in Haryana.
4. Unorganized Manufacturing Enterprises in Haryana.
5. Condition of slums in Haryana.
6. Disabled Persons in Haryana.
7. Availability of selected facilities in Rural Haryana.
8. Housing Condition in Haryana.
Five Yearly
1. Unorganized Manufacturing Enterprises in Haryana.
2. Condition of Slums in Haryana.
3. Disabled Persons in Haryana.
4. Availability of selected facilities in Rural Haryana.
1. Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers.
2. Consumer Price Index for Rural Haryana.
1. Agriculture Labour Wages and Rural Retail Prices.
2. Review of wholesale and retail prices in Haryana.
3. Wholesale Price Index of Agriculture Commodities.
4. Monthly Index of Industrial Production.
5. Monthly Progress Reports of the Organization.
1. Report on Census of Haryana Government Employees.
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