Public Finance

Public Finance Section

Major Functions

It Classifies the various items of the State Govt. Budget so as to obtain the information regarding

  • (a)    Estimation of  Gross State Domestic Products and related macro economic aggregates.
  • (b)    Consumption Expenditure, capital Formulation, Current and Capital Transfers etc.  out of budgetary resources.
  • (c)    National Accounts Statistics.


1. Economic-cum-Purpose Classification of Haryana Government Budget.

Three set of Accounts are prepared:

(a)    Account 1- Income and Outlay Account of Administrative Departments.
(b)    Account 2- Production Account of Departmental Commercial Undertakings.
(c)    Account 3 – Capital Finance Account

2. An Analysis of State Finances

An Analysis of State Finances of all the States is carried out to present a comparative position of the State regarding

(a)    Per Capita Revenue Receipts from Various Sources.
(b)    Per Capita State's own Tax Revenue Receipts from Various Sources.
(c)    Per Capita Developmental and Non-Developmental Revenue Expenditure.
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