Compilation Section


    Economic and Statistical Organization is known for collecting of statistical data of the State in particular. Statistics literally means Collection, Compilation, Presentation and Interpretation of the quantitative information. Statistics assumes greater significance in the study of economics and business. Various important publications are brought out by this department which are of immense help for the Policy Makers and Plan Formulators.

    Preparation of State Statistical Abstract

    1. Information required is collected from almost all the Government Departments/Boards/Corporations in the prescribed format.
    2. The data/information collected is scrutinized, compared, compiled and tabulated before its publication.
    3. Presented along with other budgetary documents in the Budget Session of Haryana Vidhan Sabha every year.
    4. Contains multifarious information of various departments. Very useful for policy making, formulation of development plans and five year plans.

    Census of Haryana Government Employees

    1. Data collected from all the Government Departments in prescribed format every year.
    2. Collected data is compiled and consolidated.
    3. The booklet contains vital information of category-wise Government employees.
    4. Very significant for the Government to assess the financial implication for granting any financial benefit to Government employees.
    5. Helpful for the Government to plan future budgetary estimates and generation of employment in the state.
    6. Help the Government to calculate financial implication if funds are sought from GOI due to pay revision of Government employees.

    Booklet on Haryana Economy

    1. A handy booklet on Haryana Economy is prepared and published every year.
    2. Information required is collected from various Government departments/ Boards/Corporations.
    3. Depicts major statistical information on State Economy.
    4. Helps the Government planners to plan for the deficient sectors and remedies to overcome those deficiencies

    Agricultural Labour Wages and Rural Retail Prices

    1. Agricultural labor wages and Rural Retail prices are collected from all the districts on monthly basis through District Statistical Officers.
    2. One village from each district is selected randomly for this purpose.
    3. These labor wages and rural retail prices are sent to Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India as well as to State Government.
    4. This data helps State Govt. to revise rates of wages and prices and helps Central Government to compare them at National Level

    Reports Prepared and Published:

    A. Annual Administrative Report

    1. Depicts performance of the Organization during the financial year.
    2. Reflects clearly the works accomplished by all the sections of the organization during the calendar year.

    B. Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Progress Reports

    1. Collects Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Progress Reports of various sections of the Organization.
    2. Compiles and consolidates the information so collected.
    3. Prepare Monthly/Quarterly/Annual progress reports of the department and sent to the government.
    Other Miscellaneous Works
    1. To prepare activity note of all the sections for the use of the Government.
    2. To prepare Hon’ble Governor’s address to the Assembly during Budget Session.
    3. To prepare material for budget speech of Hon’ble Finance Minister during the Budget Session.
    4. To provide Important Statistical material/information required in the conferences/ meetings of the State Government and Central Government from time to time.