Economic Survey

    Economic Survey of Haryana

    1. Economic Survey of Haryana is a Budget Document which is presented to Haryana Vidhan Sabha at the time of Budget Session every year.
    2. It is a profile of key socio-economic activities and achievements in different sectors of the State Economy.
    3. It is prepared on the basis of responses received from various departments and other official publications.

    Coverage of Economic Survey

    1.Review of State Economy

    • Primary Sector which comprises of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fishing and Mining Sectors.
    • Secondary Sector which covers Manufacturing, Construction, Electricity, Gas and Water Supply Sectors.
    • Tertiary Sector which comprises of Trade, Transport, Storage & Communication, Banking, Real Estate & Ownership of Dwellings, Public Administration and other Services Sectors.
    • Index of Area, Yield and Agricultural Production.
    • Index of Industrial Production.
    • Price Situation.
    • Public Distribution System and Procurement of Food Grains.

    2. Achievements Under Poverty Alleviation & Welfare Schemes

    Progress made under various Poverty Alleviation and Welfare Schemes.

    3. Sectoral Review

    Depicts the review of the performance of various sectors of the economy like Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Forest, Energy, Industries, Health and Education etc.

    4. State Finances

    Presents picture of the State Finances by depicting the various items of Revenue Receipts and Expenditure.

    5. Banking and Credit

    Provides Credit Plan and Information about deposits of Commercial Banks and advancing by various Banks.

    6. Plan Strategy and Review

    Presents the Outlay and Expenditure of Plan Schemes under various Five Year/Annual Plans and performance in different sectors such as development of Infrastructure, Social Services, Agricultural and Allied Activities etc.