Plan Evaluation

    Plan Evaluation Section

    Evaluation play a key role in assessing the performance of any development schemes/programs being implemented in the State.Evaluation is an integral part of planning process and indispensable input for policy formulation and implementation.Evaluation system can play an important role in improving the process of implementation of development schemes/programmes ensuring that the benefits of schemes reach to the intended beneficiaries

    Functions of Evaluation Section

    1. To evaluate the development schemes/programmes being implemented in the State.
    2. To find out utility, impact, shortcoming, gaps in the implementation and reasons thereof of the development schemes/programmers.
    3. To suggest necessary/corrective measures to the concerned department, for further improvement in the process of implementation of the schemes/ programmers.
    4. Submission of findings and recommendations made in the evaluation report to concerned department  for consideration and necessary action.

    Steps in Evaluation Study

    1. After allotment of the Study the concerned department is asked to supply pre-requisite information, i.e., objectives, history and background note etc. of the scheme.
    2. Designing of Performae for secondary data and collection of Secondary data.
    3. Designing of the Survey Schedules on basis of objectives of evaluation and secondary data.
    4. Pre-testing of different Survey Schedules at field level
    5. Sample selection for field survey.
    6. Training to the Investigators for data collection.
    7. Field Survey
    8. Scrutiny of the filled-in Survey Schedules.
    9. Compilation of Primary as well as Secondary data.
    10. Preparation of Statistical tables with reference to the objectives
    11. Analysis of Primary data.
    12. Analysis and interpretation of Secondary data.
    13. Finalization of the draft Report in consultation with the Senior Officers.
    14. Submission of Report for approval after seeking comments from the concerned department on the Findings and Recommendations and inclusion of their comments.
    15. Circulation of the report to the various departments /States including Planning Commission (Government of India).

    Importance of Evaluation Study

    1. It provides useful information on facts which hinder speedy implementation of developmental schemes/programmes.
    2. It identify weaknesses, as a feedback in designing and implementation of schemes/programmes, which help State Government in the formulation of Annual and Five Year Plans.