Price Section

    In order to keep a watch on the prices in the state and to design suitable remedial measure for price control and also to meet certain legislative commitments under Minimum Wages Act 1948, the price section collects, compiles and analyze the wholesale and retail prices prevailing in all the district headquarters as well as rural areas of the state.

    Major Functions

    A) Preparation of Indices

    1. Consumer Price Index for Industrial Worker from Haryana for six centers namely Surajpur-Pinjore, Panipat, Sonipat, Bhiwani, Hisar and  Bahadurgarh.
    2. Consumer Price Index for Rural Haryana.
    3. Whole sale Price Index for Agricultural Commodities.

    B)Preparation of Review and Reports

    • Monthly Review of Retail and Whole Sale prices of Bhiwani and Sonipat for Price Monitoring Cell Haryana.

    Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers

    A)Centers of data collection

    1. Surajpur-pinjore
    2. Panipat
    3. Sonipat
    4. Bhiwani
    5. Hisar
    6. Bahadurgarh

    B)Broadheads of commodities for which data is being collected 

    1. Food
    2. Fuel & Light
    3. Clothing & Footwear
    4. House  Rent
    5. Tobacco &   Intoxicants
    6. Miscellaneous viz Medicalcare, Education & Recreation, Transport, Personal Care and other Miscellaneous particals

    C)Preparation of Weighting Diagram

    • Under the guidance of the Technical Advisory Committee on Prices New Delhi weighting Diagrams are prepared.

    Consumer Price Index for Rural Haryana

    1. Prepared on recommendations of Estimate Committee of Lok Sabha.
    2. Brought out monthly.
    3. Helps in designing remedial measures for price control.
    4. Coverage and scope
      1. 24 villages form different parts of state.
      2. Data collected fortnightly on Tuesday.
    5. Data collected from field are compiled and index is computed at headquarter.(As per methodology of CSO, New Delhi).

    Wholesale Price Index of Agricultural Commodities

    1. Prepared monthly.
    2. Scope and Coverage
      1. Prices of 20 main agricultural commodities collected.
      2. Source- Secretaries of market committees across the state.

    Price Monitoring Cell Haryana

    1. 1.Prepares monthly report on retail prices at two district headquarters
      1. Bhiwani and Sonipat
    2. Scope and coverage
      1. Data collected on every Friday
      2. At district headquarter of Bhiwani and Sonipat.
    3. Data collected from field are compiled, analyzed and report is prepared at headquarter.
    4. Meeting of price monitoring cell
      1. Held on 21st of every month.
      2. Chairmanship of Director, Food and Supplies
      3. Prices of current month, previous month and corresponding month are reviewed.