Decentralised Planning

    Decentralized Plan Section

    Decentralized Planning (DCP) was introduced in Haryana State during 1985-86 and is being implemented by the State Planning Department .Every year funds are earmarked by the State Govt. These funds are allocated to districts as untied funds on the basis of their backwardness for execution of development works / schemes such as:

    1. Pavement of streets
    2. Construction of community centers
    3. Special repair of school building
    4. Repair / renovation / completion and construction of chaupals
    5. Veterinary dispensaries
    6. Panchayat ghars
    7. Provision of drinking water
    8. Providing / improving sewerage system and street lights facilities in the villages as well as in the slum areas of the towns.

    An individual work / scheme is undertaken up to Rs. 2.00 lakh.75% of the total funds are spent on development works in rural areas and 25% in urban areas.25% of the total funds are spent on the schemes benefiting scheduled castes in rural / urban areas in the district.

    Objective Decentralized Planning Scheme

    Main objective of providing untied funds is to allow District Local Area Development Boards to identify development schemes / works to be executed by the Haryana Govt. Departments / undertakings in their respective districts which are not undertaken or lying unfinished due to lack of availability of funds from their normal plan programme / scheme

    Jobs & Responsibilities

    1. District Level

    1. Preparation of Annual Action Plan on the basis of proposal received from Heads of offices of Development Department by District Planning Unit.
    2. Submission of Annual Action Plan before DLADB for approval.
    3. Release of funds to the executing agencies after the approval of Annual Action Plan.
    4. Collection of Utilization Certificates from executing agencies
    5. Monitor / review the progress of works undertaken under the scheme

    2. State Level

    1. Collection & examination of Annual Action Plan as per guidelines.
    2. Submission of Utilization Certificates to A.G. Haryana for getting the clearance certificates
    3. Collection / Compilation of Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Progress reports and submission of information regarding amount released and expenditure incurred to State Govt.


    1. During 2005-06, Rs. 2000.00 lakh was released to the districts.
    2. 2860 works were approved by DLADBs in the State
    3. Out of 2860 works, 1703 works were completed 819 remained in progress and 338 works were not started.
    4. For 2006-07, Rs. 2000.00 lakh were released to the districts in single installment.
    5. All the districts have prepared their Annual Action Plan and got it approved in DLADB meetings.