Plan Formulation


    Formulation of State’s Annual Plans/Five Year Plans

    1. Planning Commission issues guidelines for Formulation of Annual Plans/Five Year Plans.
    2. Finance Department assesses State Resources.
    3. Departments intimate their respective scheme-wise requirement of funds.
    4. Planning Department sought information from the departments regarding expenditure under State Plan Schemes, CSS, EAP, ACA and other specific sectors.
    5. Department-wise allocations are made, got approved from the State Govt. and sent to the departments for furnishing the schematic details of outlays.

    Preparation of Annual Plan/Five Year Plan Document

    1. Departments submit scheme-wise details of outlays allocated to the departments.
    2. The Schematic details are analyzed and compiled.
    3. Draft Annual Plan document is prepared and copies sent to Planning Commission.

    Meeting with Planning Commission, GOI.

    To prepare material for holding meeting between Dy. Chairman Planning commission and Chief Minister for finalization of State’s Annual Plan/ Five Year Plan

    1. The meeting is held with Planning Commission, GOI to finalize the size of Annual Plan/Five Year Plan.
    2. C.M.’s Speech is prepared highlighting the major issues concerning State Government.
    3. Working Group meetings of all the departments with the concerned Advisers of Planning Commission are held to finalize scheme-wise allocation.
    4. Reallocation of  sectoral allocations on the basis of the plan size approved by the Planning Commission.
    5. The sectoral distribution of approved outlay is sent to Planning Commission for approval.

    Grant of Additional Funds Under Plan Schemes

    To examine the cases of additional funds sent by all the departments throughout the year

    1. Various departments approach Planning Department throughout the year for additional funds/inter-se schematic division of funds in view of C.M.’s announcements/priority areas.
    2. Planning Section examines these demands and advise the departments accordingly.

    Revision of Annual Plans

    To make revised allocations to the departments in view of re-assessment of resources by the Finance Department.

    1. FD re-assesses the financial resources and Planning Department re-allocates the department-wise outlays accordingly at the fag end of the year and convey revised outlays to the concerned departments.
    2. Approval of State Govt. is obtained before conveying to the concerned department.
    3. The sectoral distribution of revised outlay is sent to the Planning Commission, Government of India for approval

    Preparation of C.M’s Speech for National Development Council Meeting.

    1. NDC meeting is convened by Planning Commission for approval of Five Year Plan or mid-term appraisal of Five Year Plan.
    2. C.M.’s speech highlighting the State’s major issues of National Level is prepared along with other relevant material.