Agriculture Section

    Two thirds population of Haryana depends on agriculture for their livelihood. This section brings out two annual publications

    1. Economics of Farming
    2. Family Budgets of Cultivators in Haryana

    These provide useful information on various aspects of farm economy and are greatly helpful in the formulation and evaluation of agricultural development programs and policies.

    Objectives of Agriculture Section

    1. To find out the annual investment and net return per hectare under different types and sizes of holdings.
    2. To derive out input-output analysis of various crops.
    3. To find out income, expenditure and net return per hectare under prevalent forms of tenancy cultivation i.e., peasant proprietorship and peasant proprietorship-cum-tenancy.
    4. To find out employment and utilization of farm capital, manual labour and bullocks labour.
    5. To study the pattern of household domestic expenditure.
    6. To examine the dietary habits of cultivators and their overall standard of living.
    7. To find out the proportion of consumption of goods produced at farm and of those procured from outside.
    8. To study the impact of the size of holdings on income and expenditure.

    Details of Studies

    1. Studies carried out by the section are

    2. Data collection

    • Data is collected in the prescribed schedules/registers from selected cultivators at least two from each Community Development Block in the State for Economics of Farming in Haryana and one from each Community Development Block in the State for Family Budgets of Cultivators in Haryana
    • Cultivators are selected keeping in view their size of holdings.
    • Period – an agriculture year i.e. from 1st July to 30th June
    • Collecting Agency – District Statistical Offices.

    3. Data collected from field are scrutinized at district as well as Headquarter level.

    4.Schedules are compiled and results/tables are prepared at Headquarter level.