The Department of Economic and Statistical Affairs, Haryana functions under the administrative control of the State Planning Department, Haryana. Function of State Government have increased tremendously. The concept of a State has changed from that of a simply maintaining law and order to that of welfare state. Statistical data and methods are of great help in promoting human welfare, framing suitable policies and efficient functioning of various departments of state government. This Department undertakes multifarious activities pertaining to the collection, compilation and analysis of data on socio-economic aspects of the State economy, evaluation of development programmes and formulation of annual five year plans. The major functions of this Department are as follow:

    1. To collect, compile analyse data regarding various socio-economic aspects of the State.
    2. To serve as a store-house for all types of statistics required for planning and formulation of development programmes.
    3. To undertake surveys and enquiries regarding various socio-economic problems of the State.
    4. To coordinate statistical activities of various departments of the State Government.
    5. To advise the Govt. on economic & statistical matters.
    6. To work in liaison with the Central Statistical Organisation, Govt. of India and various State Statistical quarters.
    7. To carry out evaluation studies of development programmes /projects/ schemes.
    8. To undertake formulation and implementation of Annual/ Five Year Plans.
    9. To monitor the progress of various programmes being implemented under 20-Point Programme.
    10. To implement “Decentralised Planning Scheme (District Plan)” for executing various development works in the State.

    The Economical and Statistical Analysis, Haryana has been bifurcated into two wings namely:-