Planning Wing

    Planning Wing Operates at Two Level:

    1. Planning Wing at Headquarter Level
    2. Planning Wing at District Level

    Functions of Planning Wing at Headquarter Level:

    1. To assess the level of development in important sectors for the State as a whole as well as for various districts and regions.
    2. To assist the State Govt. in the formulation of the five year plan and annual plans.
    3. To determine the priorities for the State in the light of the overall national objectives.
    4. To suggest policies and programmes for removing the imbalances prevailing in various regions in the State and assist in formulation of district plans
    5. To evaluate Development schemes/programmes being implemented in the state.
    6. To advise on such other matters connected with the economic development as may be assigned by the State Government.
    7. To Review and monitor the progress of developmental plan schemes/programmes on quarterly/half-yearly/annual basis with the concerned departments of State Government.
    8. To prepare state level District Plan document by compiling various District Plan documents.

    Planning Wing at District Level:

    1. To draw up schemes of Local Importance at district level and to prepare district development plans on basis of financial resources available/received from the State Government.
    2. To collect basic data and prepare a status report about the position with regard to various development parameters
    3. To identify problems of different areas and steps required for tackling such problems keeping in view the potential for development at the local level.

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